PayDay Loan Application

Confronted with an Unexpected Expense Or Simply Need Some Cash Fast & Can’t Wait For PayDay?


More often then we’d like, we run into situations where we need some cash urgently for an unexpected expense or necessary purchase.

Many times it’s just not possible to wait for your next payday to sort out this issue.

Even worse, we usually end up having to ask family or friends to loan us cash, which, depending on your situation, can be very embarrassing!

As somebody who has had to go through this many times before, I am very happy to say that I have found a solution. I would like to introduce to you a payday loan product that can assist those of you faced with the above situation.

Our new payday loan product will allow you to receive a payday loan for up to R3000.00. This loan is then paid back in full on your next payday via a debit order.

The interest is only 5% of the loan value, plus a small initialization fee on repayment.

Here is an example of the possible loan amounts, and the amount required to be paid back:

PayDay Loan

To apply simply complete the form below and we will get back to you ASAP.